Social concerns in New Mexican Cinema

"Amores Perros is an example of how nowadays Mexican production is changing and becoming internationally appreciated.
Produced in 2000 this movie was well received also outside Mexico, reaching the great success of another Mexican production Como agua para chocolate (like water for chocolate) of Arau in 1992. Iñárritu sets this tragic story in the modern Mexico City.
The movie consists of three stories, and the destiny of all the three stories dramatically changes when the three main characters “meet” at a crossroads. The movie begins with Octavio and his friend running away with their car (in which there is also a dog that is bleeding) from another car that is chasing them and trying to shoot them.
This kind of “prologue” terminates with Octavio that does not stop at the red traffic light and causes an accident. From here, through a flashback, the three stories start."

Third World Cinema in Latin America: Representing “Otherness”

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